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Ying Yang Persona

Models : Nina & Noemie

Nikon F2, 35mm lens, kodak b&w film

How to find the balance between Ying and Yang? Why do we say that opposites attract? 

The personification of an age-old concept: Ying and Yang, the principle of good in evil and evil in good, is represented simply by two universal "colours": black and white. The concept of Ying and Yang comes to us from China but is universally recognised. There is black in white and white in black. The logical continuation of the Ying and Yang is the saying "Nothing is black or white, it is the grey that wins. Men and their souls are the same...", a refrain expressed by Philippe Claudel that the artist appropriates. 
YU.TA expresses herself on this series as follows: "I personified my models with paint, and after capturing some symmetrical images, I mixed them into a single entity. By touching each other, Ying and Yang became impregnated with each other until they blended into a very sculptural grey molasses. These entities mix and finally understand each other: good and evil are concepts that should never be separated, because one does not exist without the other. Grey is the only harmony. "

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