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Corpus male

A visual research of the human male body.

Nikon F2, 35mm lens, Fujicolor film, digital reframe

After focusing so much on women's bodies in her work, the artist Yu.Ta wanted to confront the male body. More particularly by exploring the body of a single model to scrutinize its bones, its muscles, its gestures, its skin. This series is a series of photographic exercises where the artist tries to better understand the male body, an identity and a body that are foreign to him. It is a look at the intimate that the photographer manages to capture. She delivers a delicate series, where the images carry softness. These close-ups of the body seem to evoke the fragility of a body in opposition to the imposed norms of modern masculinity. The sensitivity of a man, who without staging, has given himself up to the camera, emerges.

Corpus Male is a series of ten photos of a male body that is declined according to the artist's camera. The series is completed by a painting composed of twelve of the same photographs that delivers a gradient signifying the progressive erasure of the identity captured through the lens.

The work is composed of the twelve degraded photographs to complete the reflection on the politics of the body in the other series.

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