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WHO are You? 

Who are you? poses the problem of identity through the filter of social networks.
A studio portrait clashes with a class portrait of the same person. The contrast between these two juxtaposed images raises the question of the habit of looking. Who are we when we present ourselves on the networks in a retouched way? Who are we: the fantasized version of ourselves or the wise, unfiltered portrait. Through this series, the artist questions not only our own identity and the distortion of reality through the tools of our time, but also our gaze, accustomed to the smooth images we find in our daily lives. In a society where young people are more and more subjected to the diktat of appearance, this series questions our own reflection and the way we perceive ourselves.

This series is currently composed of six diptychs. It is still in progress.
The artist's approach consists of asking people who cross his path to present themselves as they would like to be perceived for a first photo. For the second photo, the artist shows them from a wiser angle, like in a school portrait. With or without make-up, filtered or unfiltered, the images form a single portrait that complements each other.
It is not a decision for or against one of them that the artist seems to want to indicate. On the contrary, in response to the question "Who are you?", the artist suggests that we are a hybrid form between the fantasized image of ourselves as on social networks and a wiser image, without make-up, without retouching, a cold image.

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