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The Abandoned House 

Models : Menad, Nina, Noemie

Nikon F2, 35mm lens, Kodak color film

The Abandoned House is one of the parts of YU.TA that questions our relationship to architecture. Inside the House, focuses on a male figure, for the first chapter, the artist explores the relationship between the intimate and the public, between the interior and the exterior. In this atypical architecture, a villa in Fregene, a coastal town near Rome, a mad architect has built this house as his building ground for himself and his students. 

Always in an aesthetic close to film noir, these dark images where a man is faced with the immensity of the construction bring us back to our human fragility. Like a memento mori, the dilapidated architecture of this architect's house reminds us of our own ephemerality. 

The second part of this research is called Outside the House and focuses on two female models and their interactions in this big strange architectural urbex playground. 

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