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Jutta Sammel Mastrangeli (b. 1995 in Pithiviers, lives and works in Paris)

Jutta Sammel Mastrangeli is an Italo-German multimedia artist and photographer. From an early age she was introduced to the art world through cinema, theater and photography. Starting as an autodidact, Jutta experiments with both digital and analog photography, with an inclination towards silver photography. After attending the École de Condé in Paris where she developed her fine art practice, she attended UQAM University in Montreal, graduating in Visual and Media Arts with a specialization in Photography.

Flirting with various subjects, Jutta Sammel Mastrangeli’s work is anchored in human representation and staging. The human form and his relations appear as a primary subject in her street photography as well as in her artistic or commercial series. Whether or not she is questioning, magnifying, studying, observing, or even playing with perceived reality, Jutta’s aim is to let us catch a glance of the world through her eyes and lenses. Taken on the go or meticulously staged, untouched or completely modified, the artist wants to open up reflection and stimulate debate. The questions on human nature brought up by her images are an open call to discussion. On a closer look, the major presence of women in her work becomes evident. Brought up in a feministic familial context, these concepts have slowly been incorporated into her artistic process, not as subject, but as an inherent and natural cause to create, as means in themselves. In her sometimes brutally real, sometimes dreamy images, Jutta incorporates stories, narratives that could bring the viewer in any narrative direction he chooses too. Jutta’s primary medium is light that she brings in relation to time and space through her silent photographic stories or audiovisual installations.

Her work ranges from artistic photography to commercial photography passing by fashion photography. As an active photographer and artist, Jutta Sammel Mastrangeli is currently searching her ways through human nature, always a camera at hand and a thought passing through her mind.


Autoportrait Autofiction, 100 ECS, Paris
- Passage à Découvert, Galerie de l’UQAM, Montréal
SYNTHESE, Galerie du collectif À Louer, Montréal

- Festival des Impressions Ephémères, Galerie du collectif À Louer, Montréal

Group exhibitions


Jutta Sammel Mastrangeli

Photographer based in Paris, Rome, Berlin (available to travel)

For collaborations or inquiries feel free to contact

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